The primary indicator of infection is fever. WelloStation provides you with a quick, automated,  no-touch body temperature screening for employees, visitors, suppliers and all others who enter your facility.  Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant WelloCloud® storage system for compliance and reporting purposes. Stop contagions from entering your facility with fever screening of all individuals entering your facility. Consistent and continuous screening from WelloStation™ will lower HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections), stop employee absenteeism at your company and keep the community healthier. WelloStation™ keeps productivity high and workers working well. 

The WelloStation measures your body’s core temperature using a patented, non-contact and non-invasive process. All measurement data is stored and maintained in our HIPAA compliant cloud-based storage system.

The WelloStation is able to measure body temperature with 0.10˚C / 0.18˚ F degree accuracy in only 3 seconds. Since the WelloStation never touches the subject, there is no need for an expensive sanitary protector such as a thermometer cover.

Consistent use of WelloStation reduces disease spread by 100 times by keeping disease from entering your facility. Sick employees are deterred from coming to work sick. When your workforce stays healthy, productivity increases.

Features and Benefits

    • Quickly measures an individual’s unique core body temperature.
    • Immediate alerts of fever to identify potential sickness.
    • Data safely stored in The WelloCloud®.
    • No risk of infection spread with touch less non-contact measurement.
    • Optimal for healthcare facilities, education and senior living.
    • Never be down with 24 X 7 service.
    • Access global real-time infection data.
    • Lower infection risks by 100 times.
    • Easy to setup & full customization.