Fever Screening Stops Infection Spread

Fever is the primary indicator of infection and one infected individual can quickly spread their contagion to others. The WelloStation provides the quickest, the most reliable and cost effective method for fever screening. Now is the time to implement an effective screening program due to concern with Ebola, Enterovirus D68 and Influenza. Keep sickness and infection out, stay healthy and improve worker safety while increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism.



The most accurate and reliable fever screening method available.  WelloStation screens for fever in 3 seconds using a no-touch IR measurement.  No risk of contagion spread and no attendant required.  more



Provides real-time infection spread and infection susceptibility risk based on local weather conditions.  Monitor conditions all over the world.  WelloWatch is a free app that alerts you when conditions are conducive to infection spread.  Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Androidmore