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If you would like more information about our products and services please contact our Sales Team at or 469-518-1228 ext. 124.

If you have general questions about Wello please contact us at or 469-518-1228.


Wello offers 24/7 support for all our products and services. Wello is a subsidiary of FreshLoc Technologies which has been monitoring, storing, and reporting over 12 million daily measurements since 1999. Wello shares infrastructure facilities with FreshLoc and stores its data in their secure, cloud-based system.

Email us at for 24/7 support and questions 469-518-1228 ext. 110.

Wello Big Data

Our data is stored and operated through an extensive cloud service. These services include the gathering of well over 10 million measurements every day, 24/7, originating from subscriber sites all over the world, particularly North America.

All data is continuously stored in highly redundant RAID arrays and housed in SAS70 secure facility with complete failover backup electrical system. There are in excess of 36 servers operating the many functions to provide all services and are fully monitored offsite for 99.98 up time.

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