Wello reduces infection spread by monitoring three key components of disease spread; contagion, spread risk, and human susceptibility to maintain the health of your community.


Contagion enters a building by individuals who are knowingly or unknowingly contagious.

If the indoor relative humidity is too low (producing dry conditions) these contagions spread easily to other individuals.

 During seasonal epidemics contagious individuals become super-spreaders, rapidly infecting other people.



Prevent the spread of indoor contagion. WelloStation reduces indoor contagions by identifying contagious people before they enter your building.


Be aware of conditions conducive to spread risk. WelloWatch accurately pin point’s infection risk transmission and susceptibility.


Sustain a healthy indoor environment. WelloControl responds to dry indoor temperature by activating the building humidifier system.

Lower Costs With Wello

Businesses are incurring significant costs from employee absenteeism due to illness. WelloStation identifies contagious workers who infect co-workers. WelloStation tracks how sick days are used and what it is really costing your company. Improve worker productivity and decrease productivity loss with WelloStation. Sustain a healthy workplace by ensuring workers are performing at their best.

Help eliminate secondary infections in hospitals and other medical care facilities.  Checking employees and visitors at the door for infections will prevent already sick and susceptible patients from catching a secondary infection.


Health Care Solutions

Keep your medical staff working well. Identify contagious workers to reduce infection risks to your patients. Wello helps lower hospital acquired infections at your health care facility.

Supplier Solutions

Do you supply to healthcare facilities? Show your customers you take extra measures to ensure your products are not contaminated by infected workers. Stand apart from your competitors by using Wello in your business.

Business Solutions

Seasonal epidemics, including influenza, can spread from worker to worker causing low productivity and increased cost for your business. Add Wello to your employee wellness program today and decrease absenteeism from your business.