Addison, TX, December 8th, 2017, Wello® Inc. is pleased to announce that the Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control is featuring WelloStation™ starting January 2017 in Buffalo, NY with three international innovation companies.


Photos 1 and 3 care of Infonaut Inc. and 2 care of Wello Inc.

Addison, TX, December 8th, 2017, Wello Inc. is excited that the Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control (, has chosen to feature Wello as an innovator. The WelloStation™ will be on display at the prestigious Center for Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control from January 1st through March 31st, 2017.

WelloStation™ is the only non-contact, self-service,  fever-screener. Currently in select locations across the USA, this device quickly provides instant feedback to both the subject and the facility of high temperatures of visitors and more.  The WelloStation is an important tool where infectious disease spread is likely: hospital NICU, BMT and ICU units, schools, prisons, workplaces, airplanes and other susceptible areas.

The revolutionary Center for Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control is founded by Infonaut ( and ( The Center’s mission is to validate and accelerate the adoption of innovation that will save lives.

 Infection control professionals and mainstream media are alerting society of the urgent need for infection prevention and control due to growing antimicrobial resistance. Reports caution that if steps aren’t taken to address the problem, by 2050 such infections could result in one death every three seconds. (Brohpy Marchus, M. (2016, May 19). Superbugs could kill more people than cancer, report warns. CBS News retrieved from

“We are honored to be one of the three innovator companies at the debut of the Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control,” said Rik Heller, Chairman and CEO of Wello Inc. “Our WelloStation™ fever screeners will be fully usable for visitors to experience for themselves.”

The Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control ( is located at 875 Ellicott Street – 5th Floor, Buffalo NY 14203. Contact Niall Wallace for information for the Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention at 416-432-8348 or

About Wello Inc.
The WelloStation® provides organizations with a quick, automated, no-touch body temperature screening tool for employees, visitors, suppliers and all others who enter their facilities. Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant WelloCloud® storage system for compliance and reporting purposes. Stop contagions from entering your facility with fever screening. Wello Inc. ( formerly known as FreshLoc Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in patient safety through wireless temperature monitoring systems.  Media contact: 469-571-4585,


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 About Infonaut

Infonaut is a Buffalo and Toronto based company that solves the global challenge of deadly hospital infections. We make this possible via our proprietary IBM Watson-enabled surveillance, risk analytics and behavior improvement platform. We are recognized thought-leaders in Infection Prevention and Control and international award winners with users in over 24 countries and sales across 3 continents. Media Contact: Niall Wallace (716) 881-7578