WelloWatch – Monitor Infection Spread Risk

products_wellowatchWelloWatch has set the industry standard for health awareness and prevention apps. WelloWatch provides real-time, localized infection spread and infection susceptibility risk updates. The app is available for iOS(iPhone and iPAD) and Android devices. Be alerted to conditions that are most conducive to infection spread with daily monitoring.

A virus spreads in dry air.  WelloWatch monitors the moisture present indoors or the indoor humidity.  The ability for a virus to spread increases as the indoor humidity falls below 50%.  In dry times it is not unusual to find the humidity below 35% which causes the virus laden droplets exhaled in breath to remain viable for periods up to several hours.  The air currents in the room will carry the virus where it is inhaled by others or where it lands on a surface that later an individual touches and becomes infected.

WelloWatch tracks and reports two key risk factor indices that are fundamental for the spread of infections. The Infection Susceptibility Index reflects the changes in moisture.  Our bodies are most susceptible to catching a virus during times when there is change from moist to dry conditions.  Specifically, in these drier conditions our lungs dry out, become dehydrated and no longer have the mucus membranes to fight off infection.

The Infection Spread Index represents the risk associated with a virus remaining viable in the air.  The drier the air (low humidity levels), the longer the virus will remain viable resulting in increased risk that a virus will spread from the original carrier.  The app provides instructions to the user how to protect themselves and others to avoid catching an unwanted virus from a potential spreader.


Features and Benefits

          • Be alerted to super-spread conditions when infection risk is the highest
          • Access real-time infection data globally
          • Easy to understand infection spread and susceptibility risk based on a simple green to yellow to red indicator
          • Use app to drive digital signage to alert your local community to super-spread conditions
          • Stay up to date with local and world-wide weather conditions


WelloWatch Operation

Health Risk 

products_wellowatchThe Health Risk screen provides the infection spread risk and susceptibility for your current location.   Both  five day historical and forecast data are available for the infection and susceptibility indices.  View historical data for the past 5 days or the infection spread forecast and susceptibility risk for the next 5 days. Use the search functionality at the top of the screen to find historical and forecast data anywhere in the world. Both Infection Spread Risk and Infection Susceptibility Risk are shown on a scale of 1 to 10 and are represented by changes in color from green to yellow to red.


Green – The risk of catching a virus is low

Yellow – The risk of catching a virus is high.  It is important to stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water each hour.

Red – The risk of catching a virus is the highest.  It is very important to stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water every hour.


Green – The risk of infection spread from one person to another is low.  It is wise to still use good personal hygiene.

Yellow – The risk of infection spread is high.  Pay extra attention to personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently.

Red – The risk of infection spread is the highest.  Pay extra attention to personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently.


Complete local and current weather conditions are available on WelloWatch.  Search is also available to allow you to view the weather conditions at any location in the world.

MapWelloWatch Map Image

The WelloWatch map displays the risk indicator for each location.  The default is the current selected location.  Clicking on the green, yellow or red dot provides the relevant data for the location.  Zoom out from the current location to view the conditions across a region, country or continent.


For devices with a built in sensor or devices which support the connectivity using Bluetooth, the sensor tab will report the actual ambient room temperature, surface temperature and relative humidity, barometric pressure, and other supported measurements.