Dryness aids in the spreading of infections. WelloControl provides the data to optimize moisture levels to sustain a healthy indoor environment.  WelloControl monitors and detects when infectious dry periods occur at your facility. WelloControl syncs with your current HVAC system to help you deliver humidification to make your room or building healthier.



WelloControl responds to dry indoor relative humidity that may spread infectious diseases by activating your humidifier system. WelloControl responds to dry infection transmitting climates by activating your humidification system. Add moisture to your building or residence remotely. Reduce infectious spreading by 100 times with the help of Wello. WelloControl installs seamlessly with your current HVAC and humidifier system. Full customization alerts are available based on your organizations needs.

Features and Benefits

    • Check your building’s humidity remotely.
    • Lower infection spread risk by 100 times.
    • Full customization.
    • Easy to setup.