Five quick and easy fever management tips to beat disease quickly and avoid secondary infection:

1. Do not treat fever. If uncomfortable, call your doctor. Fever is an indicator of your immune system’s effort to eradicate disease. When the disease is gone, fever goes away.

2. Avoid antipyretics (APs), such as aspirin or ibuprofen, if you are normally heart healthy.  If you are not, call your doctor.   Check labels to avoid taking APs during fever. APs work against the benefits of fever. Using APs may increase disease spread, increase your length of illness, increase your risk of co-infection and increase morbidity (possibility of death).  Your fever is your best defense against infection.  As well, APs are no longer considered able to lower the risk of febrile seizures.

3. Hydrate 4-8 ozs of water hourly while awake.  Hydrate to improve immune system function.

4. Avoid going in public when fevered.  In public when fever you are most vulnerable to secondary or co-infection.

5. Rest and stay noursished with electrolytes.  Infection causes a high demand on your body’s immune system and cardiovascular system to end the infection and therefore requires nourishment.

By Rik Heller, FreshLoc Technologies

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