Control Infectious Disease

Wello identifies individuals that may be infectious and provides alerts of environmental conditions that are conducive to super spreading. Our easy to use, non-invasive  body temperature measurement and weather condition reporting allow you to protect your employees, co-workers, patients, customers, residents and students. Our products, WelloStation,  WelloWatch, and WelloControl are perfect for to health care, education, senior care communities, suppliers, individuals, and organizations. Wello is a subsidiary of FreshLoc Technologies which has been monitoring, storing, and reporting over 12 million daily measurements since 1999. Wello leverages these Freshloc infrastructure facilities and stores data in their secure,HIPAA compliant cloud-based environment.


The WelloStation provides fever surveillance using an automated, non-touch, non-invasive measurement that quickly and accurately measures body temperature. Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant WelloCloud® storage system. An elevated body temperature is the number one indicator of infection. WelloStation quickly screens for fevered individuals so you can either prevent them from entering or perform additional medical checks. Consistent and continuous monitoring from WelloStation™ will lower HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections), reduce employee absenteeism  and keep the community healthier. WelloStation™ keeps productivity high and workers working well.


Indoor weather is the leading indicator of increased susceptibility to infection spread.  WelloWatch predicts the indoor weather conditions based on the current and forecasted outside temperature. WelloWatch provides alerts and powers indoor digital signage to alert all employees, visitors, patients and others to accurately pin-point infection spread risk and susceptibility. WelloWatch promotes a healthy indoor environment by providing advanced notice to prevent disease spread at your company’s organization, hospital facility or educational institution. Stay aware and stand apart from other companies bysubscribing to WelloWatch. 


Dryness aids in the spreading of infections. WelloControl provides the data to optimize moisture levels to sustain a healthy indoor environment.  WelloControl monitors and detects when infectious dry periods occur at your facility. WelloControl syncs instantly with your current HVAC system to help you deliver humidification to make your room or building healthier.